[Monsoon] Junagadh Girnar Viral Video

[Monsoon] Junagadh Girnar Viral Video : Girnar Parvat is located in Junagadh district of Gujarat state. Recently Asia’s longest ropeway has been constructed on this mountain. Thus, for starting the work of this rope-way and permission to build the rope-way, up to E.S. Application was made in 1983; But this work could not be done at that time without getting permission from the Government of India and the High Court. And finally in September 2018 the Government of India got permission to start this work and this work was done by Usha Barco Ltd. Named company was assigned and the work was finally completed on 24 October 2020.

The facility of this ropeway will now make Girnar tourism more attractive and also create new employment opportunities for its people. And thus Girnar will become an adventure hub and attract more tourists, tourists to this place.

The presence of Ambaji Temple, Dattatreya Temple and many Hindu temples as well as several Jain temples on this mountain makes it one of the major pilgrimage centers of Gujarat.


Girnar history in Gujarati

A proposal to convert approximately 9.1 hectares (22 acres) of forest land into common land in E.C. This project was proposed by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited (TCGL) in 1983. Is. In 1994, the Government of Gujarat sanctioned the conversion of a total of 7.29 hectares of forest land to common land and along with it sanctioned new forest land near Torania village. Government of India also approved this work in 1995.

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Girnar Ropeway Distance

The ropeway was inaugurated in May 2008 by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On the very first day, Hon’ble Prime Minister and all the tourists there enjoyed this rope-way. Recently, some tourists and TCGL had applied to reduce the ticket price for this ropeway and everyone is hoping that this work will be done very soon.

At an altitude of 900 meters above the ground, the 2.4 km long Girnar ropeway takes only 8 to 10 minutes to reach Ambaji. It will save the time and energy of the pilgrims, Junagadh Girnar ropeway will soon become a place of attraction in the tourist map of the world.

Wonderful view of the mountain falling in the rain

During the monsoon season, cakes look different on this mountain. When the first rain of the season falls, all the dirt and dust of this mountain is washed away. Then when the second rain falls and the rain continues to fall slowly, the clouds are overcast, the wind is blowing slowly, small springs are falling from the mountain and the sound of these springs is coming and the forest on the mountain is very clear and green. And if the peacock in the forest is chanting sweetly, nature is flourishing with sixteen arts. And in the monsoons, when such an atmosphere prevails and we visit this mountain and tourist place, a different joy comes.

Inside such an environment, when we are climbing a mountain, we get a lot of pleasure when the cold rain water from the steps touches our feet. In short, if you want to enjoy paradise, you should visit Girnar during the monsoon season.

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[Monsoon] Junagadh Girnar Viral Video

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