Salangpur Hanumanji live Darshan Today

Salangpur Hanumanji live Darshan Today : We must have heard about Sarangpur Hanumanji Temple many times through social media. There are many devotees who will now be able to see Hanumaji live at home through this article. Kashtabhanjan Hanuman is enshrined in the small Sarangpur village near Barwala in Botad district of Gujarat. Which today has become famous in the name of Sarangpur Hanuman. Hanuman ji removes all the pains of his life to the devotee who comes here just by darshan and at the same time there is never any enemy or planetary pain. This temple was built about 170 years ago, the foundation of this temple is connected with Swaminarayan Sampradaya. Mahant Swami Gopalananda Swami of the Swaminarayan sect laid the foundation of this temple.

Salangpur Hanumanji live Darshan

This temple in Sarangpur is very famous for getting rid of ghosts, footfalls, or if a person is under the negative influence of an evil spirit, it is removed by coming to this temple, just by seeing Hanumanji, that person can get rid of all the negative effects. As a result, Mukta becomes happy in his life.

Sarangpur Hanumanji Mandir Live Darshan

  • Temple Visiting Timings : 6 AM to 2 PM 4 PM to 9 PM
  • Prasad Timings: 1 PM to 3 PM
  • Time of Puja: 8 to 9 am
  • Entry Fee : Free
  • Nearest City : Botad

Kashtabhanjan Salangpur Glory of Hanumanji

There is a temple of Kashtabhanjan Hanumanji at Salangpur in Barwala taluk of Botad district. He is also famous as Hanuman of Salangpur. This temple comes under the headship of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya. The idol of Ishtadev Kashtabhanjan Hanumandada of the temple was installed by Gopalananda Swami of the Swaminarayan sect. Gopalananda Swami, a saint of the first class of Lord Swaminarayan, glorified this Hanumanji when the village Darbar Wagha Khachar was slow in business. At that time Hanumanji’s body started shaking. Then Gopalananda Swami fixed the idol with a wooden stick and placed the deity. Since then, devotees flock to this temple to destroy ghosts, ghosts, ghosts, witches and cults. Shastriji Maharaj had done the construction of the new type of temple that is currently there. He died in about a.d. Around 1880, the Mahant remained in office.

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Salangpur Hanuman Ji Aarti time

  • Mangala Aarti will be held at 5:15 am
  • Decoration Aarti will be held at 7 am
  • Annakoot Aarti will be held at 11:30 pm
  • Sandhya Aarti will be held at 7 pm
  • Dada’s darshan can be done continuously from 5:15 am to 9 pm

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Time of Sarangpur Hanuman Temple

Open 6 to 12 PM. There is an afternoon break in darshan from 12 noon to 3 pm. The temple opens again at 3 PM and closes at 9 PM. Mangala Aarti is performed in the temple at 5:30 am.

  • Tuesday and Saturday are dedicated to Hanumanji, a day designated for special rituals for people affected by mental illness, stress and other disorders.
  • The temple is open daily from 3 PM to 9 PM.
  • Rajbhog is performed from 10.30 am to 11 am and darshan is closed for it.
  • A special Sringar Aarti is performed every Tuesday and Saturday morning at 7.00 am.
  • The evening aarti is performed at the Sarangpur Hanuman temple on the basis of sunset.

Salangpur Hanumanji Temple Live Darshan

This temple is currently being run by the organization of BAPS, this temple is very nice and praised all over India where people are getting all kinds of facilities and pilgrims come from far and wide to visit the temple.

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