The Curse of Thomas Busby’s Chair of Death

The Curse of Thomas Busby’s Chair of Death | Everyone has that one thing in their life that they are very attached to. But what if that thing causes people to die? We are going to tell you one such tale today.

In the 18th century, a man named Thomas Budgeby lived in Thirsk, England. He had a companion named Daniel Oty. It is said that these two were working to make fake coins. Daniel was a good friend of Thomas. He married his daughter Elizabeth. After which both became father-in-law.


The chair is taking people’s lives

This friendship grew stronger over time.The two of them would drink heavily together at their favorite Thirsk bar after work.In that bar, Thomas always sat in a chair.whom he was deeply in love with.Thomas would get into a fight with whoever was sitting in that chair.However, no one anticipated that this chair would ultimately result in the deaths of numerous people.

A fight broke out between Thomas and Daniel

The story begins in the year 1702. One day there was a fight between Thomas and Daniel over something in the bar. The fight escalated to a fight. Daniel then sat down in his favorite chair to tease Thomas. Thomas was so enraged by this that he killed Daniel.

Police arrested

The police arrested Thomas on charges of murder. After that, Thomas was found guilty of murdering his father-in-law and given the death penalty. On the day Thomas was being hanged. That day he was asked for his last wish. Speaking of his last wishes before his execution, Thomas said he wanted to have his last meal in his favorite chair at a bar in Thirsk. Thomas’ wish was granted and he was taken to the bar. After the meal he stood up and said – “He who sits on this chair is certain to die.” Then this chair was actually cursed.

Thirsk museum has this cursed chair

Once a worker who was putting some goods in a godown got tired and sat on a chair. Then an hour later he died in a road accident. After the incident, the owner of the post donated the chair to the museum in Thirsk. Since then this chair has been placed in this museum at a height of 5 feet. So that no one can sit on this chair even by mistake.

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The Curse of Thomas Busby’s Chair of Death

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